About Hanna’s Dream

“Art is about energy, positive and negative.  All art has the  power to heal because it helps us see who we are”…Shirley MacLaine


This is Hanna May Cini. She is 6 years old and lives in Columbia Falls, Montana in the United States of America. Hanna has two great passions…art and helping others.

I am proud to be her mother and to tell you about the reason behind “Hanna’s Dream.”

It all began after watching a disturbing advertisement on television one evening before bed time. You know, the typical ones with crying sad faces of young innocent lives being crushed and souls, along with bodies, being starved and abused. Afterwards, I looked at Hanna and she looked at me and we both saw we had tears welling up in our eyes. I tucked her and her brother into bed and we prayed for all the hungry sad children of the world.

The Dream~

The next morning, I woke her up for school and she sat straight up in bed and said “Mom I had a dream that you and I helped the poor sad kids”. I said “That’s nice honey, how?” She then said “we gave them stuff to do art with and we helped them mommy.” She went on to tell me how they were so sad in their lives that they needed to do art to help them with their sadness. Also that if they did some really good art maybe they could sell it to help themselves or their families so they could buy food and clothes.

Creativity & Healing~

I was so choked up and shocked that such a small child, she was 5 at the time, could come up with something like that…or dream something that was so moving. So all day long I kept pondering the idea and it appeared to me that Hanna was right: Having the tools to be “creative” and create something out of the pain and uncertainty of their life could help them overcome some of the hurt and sadness. Perhaps even giving some hope. If the artwork was interesting enough, maybe we could even encourage others to buy it to further assist the children and keep the creativity and hopefully “healing” going.

The Glenn Family Foundation~

Then I thought to myself, I can’t make this happen…I don’t know how, I don’t have the tools, I don’t have the time. Then I remembered my dear friend Owen Glenn. Owen, being born and partly raised in Calcutta, India knows what it’s like to only have one pair of shoes and one pair of pants and to live in a risky environment.

So I contacted him and told him of Hanna’s Dream and he said “Robbie, the Lord works in mysterious ways, you need to get moving on this and send easels, crayons, paint in tubes, brushes, paper etc…and we will send it abroad to needy children. You see, Owen’s Foundation adopts villages in India and abroad.

The lights went on~

I realized then that beyond reaching the children with art supplies, Hanna’s and my goal would be that if one small child in one small town in Montana cared enough to help other kids abroad by giving them tools to be creative and express themselves, perhaps it will be contagious and other kids around the United States and the world could really feel that their one small act of kindness does matter and does make a difference.

A Strong  Support System~

We are proud to have the support and backing of our partners, sponsors, friends and families. To learn more about our partners and sponsors, please visit the Partner & Sponsor page.


This October 2008, Hanna’s Dream, Inc. made it’s first donation abroad to Solevu Village in Malolo, a small island in Fiji where they will be totally refurbishing the school there … this reads directly from The Glenn Family Foundation website, “art supplies are being donated to the village through “Hanna’s Dream”.  A painting competition will be held for the children during the day where tables will be set up with the art supplies for them.”

Locally, we will be making our first domestic donations in early 2009.

The plan~

Hanna and I have given and gathered local donations from word of mouth alone so far. We hope to inspire more people to give through the “Story” above. We will send out in various forms via mail, email, power point presentation to everyone we know or meet, utilize the local papers in the Flathead Valley and try to get media coverage on local news channels for donations. We also plan in future to host a benefit concert with a local popular band, The Copper Mountain Band, raising donations.

Internationally, we will be attached to The Glenn Family Foundation; visit their website for more information on the great works being done abroad.

May God bless you!

Robin Cini


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  1. April 23, 2009 at 12:48 am

    […] tragic because little Hanna had dream and she was making this dream come true.  Her dream was to help children in third world countries through art.  It’s truly a touching story, one that I’m sad I didn’t know about until after […]

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